The notes below refer to front-end website. Current A-grade Supported Browsers for desktop:

  • Firefox (PC & Mac)
  • Chrome (PC & Mac)
  • Safari (Mac)
  • Opera (PC)
  • Internet Explorer (PC) - see below for versions

A-grade browsers are identified, capable, modern and common. Tincan tests in all A-grade browsers, and bugs are addressed with 'high' priority when reported in Mantis.

Additionally we test across a range of devices, from phones to tablets, Android & iOS etc.

We consider native browsers to be B-grade, such as Samsung Galaxy Note's in-built browser and we do not test in these.

Internet Explorer

We support versions 9, 10 & 11 and work to provide the best experience through all of them. There are some aspects which may not render in V9 but these will not break functionality.

Internet Explorer 8

We now consider this a B-grade browser. Your site will work although potentially some aspects of layout and aesthetic will not. Some of these may be fixable but the work involved will be estimated and charged due to the extra effort required.

Mobile Devices

We test on a range of mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. Generally testing is done on either Safari (iOS) or Chrome (Android) and we'll work to sort out issues within those. We cannot guarantee testing in non-standard browsers, especially those which are the device's own-brand ones.

We try to agree during the design phase the overall 'breakpoints' used within the site.