Broadway has been around for 30 years and our customers are extremely loyal – which brings many challenges when making such wholesale changes. Un.titled were patient with us as we worked through this project and considered all the feedback we were receiving from the audience and our staff. Having a team that are always ready to respond to the multiple challenges you face as a client is always important and Un.titled certainly delivered for us.

Stewart Terry, Director of Marketing and Communications

What some of our clients say

0% 26% uptick in YoY sales

We spent a long time writing a brief on what our website wanted to deliver. Brian and Michael were head and shoulders above in terms of understanding the needs we laid out. The Un.titled team continuously came back to those needs throughout the process.

Zoe Steel,
Director of Marketing and Communications, JW3

As a group, we greatly enjoyed the creative process brought to the project by Nick and the Un.titled team. They challenged us to think differently about how customers see us, and the result has been a website that has received a positive response for new and regular users alike!

Phil Jackson,
Theatre Manager, The Minack Theatre

Want to find out more?

One way to think about brand identity is to think about other brands you identify with.  

If we say Nike, that iconic 'tick’ is likely to spring into your mindOr if we say apple, you might not think of the fruit but the Apple brand. And it’s not just the Apple logo you might think of, but also the sleek aesthetics they deploy, the identifiable fonts and messaging they adopt, and their overall vibe. 

You and your staff may immediately know what makes your brand special. That vital element might be what gets you excited about every day you work. But purveying this to a wider audience is not always the easiest thing to do. 

What our brand identity work aims to do is take that sentiment and turn it into actionable elements for your business. Whether these are visual, linguistic or a combination of both, by tapping into what makes your brand special, you can create a distinctive and memorable brand identity.  

We can work with you to create a consistent tone of voice. This can be used across your collateral and better engage with customers. Our visual design services enable you to aesthetically stand out from the crowd.  

Though we’re not a brand agency, we have created and helped launch brands from scratch, covering brand strategy, naming development, visual identity, detailed guidelines and brand activation. We have refreshed visual identities, taking singular elements (such as a logo) and updated them for better use in a digital age. Examples of this include Minack TheatreRoyal Institution Venue, and Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema (more on these below). 

Ultimately, by analysing and developing a deeper understanding of how brand identity works, there is an opportunity to enhance the relationship between your brand and your customers.  

Development of Visual Identities  

Though we’re not a brand agency, we have created and helped launch brands from scratch, covering brand strategy, naming development, visual identity, detailed guidelines and brand activation. We have refreshed visual identities, taking singular elements (such as a logo) and updated them for better use in a digital age. We have extended visual identities to cover wider usage both on and offline. We have helped tighten up existing brands and their visual identities where, over time, various interpretations have been allowed to take hold. We also have extensive experience evolving visual identities, taking a well-thought of brand strategy and pushing its visual execution to become something new. 

Below are a few case studies that speak to this kind of approach: 

Minack Theatre  

Few locations match that of the Minack Theatre. With stunning views of the English Channel, the Minack is a jaw-dropping theatre and visitor attraction beautifully perched on the Cornish coastline. We were commissioned to redesign, redevelop and integrate the Minack website with Spektrix. Once underway it was quickly apparent that while the Minack brand was relatively strong, the visual identity (and its application) wasn’t. We extended the project. With a new visual identity, an updated logo and new (albeit very focused) online brand guidelines (covering typography, colour palette and digital use cases) the Minack website perfectly represents the brand repositioning we carried out alongside the development of the new website.  


Broadway Nottingham is nationally recognised as the cultural leader for independent cinema, arts and technology in the Midlands. Their mission is to inspire creativity and a lifelong love of film. Broadway also helps support new generations of filmmakers, supporting young people make their first moves in the industry and making it easier for existing filmmakers to access project funding and equipment. We worked with Broadway to redesign and redevelop their site, incorporating ticket integration into the project with a popular system within the cinema world called Vista. Similar to our work with Minack, we extended the project, this time taking the seed of their brand  i.e. their existing logo  and growing it, developing a new design language with new typography, colour palette, digital assets (e.g. for use across Broadways digital channels) and motifs (e.g. refreshed icons).  

The Ri 

The Royal Institution is a prestigious heritage organisation dedicated to connecting people with the world of science. Located in Central London, the Ri is an independent registered charity and membership organisation, providing science education, public engagement and heritage activities for people of all ages and backgrounds across the UK and around the world.  

We have started working with the Ri to redevelop a variety of their online and digital properties. As part of this programme of work, we are evolving the Ri’s visual identity, taking their brand strategy and pushing its visual execution to become something newer, fresher and more in keeping with its strategic plans for the next 5 years. Whilst this is an ongoing programme of work, early application of this new, evolved visual identity (including updated logo, typography, colour palette and supporting digital assets) can be seen on the new Ri Venue Hire website we have developed (versus for example the Ri’s main corporate site which we are now redeveloping). 

Features include

Brand strategy

Understanding you and your audience is our top priority. Your brand strategy will capture the essentials of your business. It will provide the foundations for your relationship with your customers. It’s so much more than your logo.

Brand design

Whether you’re looking for an update to your existing brand or for something entirely different our design will be new and exciting. We will make sure that everything from your logo and colours to your typefaces and messages reflects what you’re all about. We will make sure your brand is consistently represented from your home page to your mobile marketing campaigns.

User Experience (UX)

When your customers visit your ecommerce site they will expect it to be usable and accessible. More importantly, they will come back time and again if they enjoyed the experience. We will work with you to build your brand by creating a customer-centric site that really delivers an engaging journey for your customers.


We have a team of experienced and certified digital marketers who work closely with our talented designers. We can create a structured marketing strategy and consistently high quality content based on your business goals and budgets. Our campaigns will be effective and focused. Throughout the process we are always ethical and transparent.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a brand identity?

Your brand identity represents what your business is all about. Used effectively it will create recognition, build your reputation and encourage customer loyalty.

Is my brand my logo?

Your logo is part of your brand identity. It is the way people will recognise your business at a glance. Your brand identity is about who you are, what you stand for and the type of customers you work with.

What are brand guidelines?

You are going to invest time and effort to create your brand’s identity. The guidelines will help you to use it consistently for everything from your website to your printed materials. Consistency will build awareness and trust in your brand.

How long does it take to create a brand identity?

To complete the research and analysis, to produce and refine ideas and to approve your final guidelines can take just a few weeks. In reality you will always be promoting, monitoring and developing your brand, so it’s never really finished.