The college engaged Un.titled to help revamp its website and enable more people to access the excellent content that is available within its lecture database.

This included the creation of a new UX design (mindfully interpreting and extending the colleges existing brand), while our team also conducted extensive UI and UX work and made significant enhancements to the site’s accessibility. And while the previous site was built on WordPress, we have replatformed the site to Drupal 9.

Previously, Gresham College was struggling to get people to access the vast library of lectures and information available. As part of the project, we created a ‘You May Also Like’ feed, where content suggestions alternate regularly, rather than simply showing the same content over and over.

The new site has personalised accounts for users, where an individual feed of events and lectures is available to enjoy. Account users can also build their own playlists, including all the content and videos that appeals most to them. There is also an enhanced search capability, with refined elements and a high level of detail to ensure the best results are displayed for users.

To achieve quicker load times, the new Gresham site uses a React App, which enhances the user experience significantly.

Gresham College also uses Vimeo and YouTube to deliver a high calibre of video quality. Vimeo and YouTube is being used as source information, and Gresham has a contract with Vimeo in place which means a chatbot can be operated and used to ask questions during a lecture, as well as making it easy to embed live video on the Gresham website. Once the event is finished, the video is then uploaded to YouTube, which makes it really easy for people to watch it back.

The Gresham College team is also able to take advantage of the Mailchimp integration our team oversaw in order to manage email services with the Un.titled team supporting what was a complex integration process. You can visit the new Gresham College website here

Gresham College

Gresham College is an institution that offers so much great free content to the public. The college’s website however wasn’t making it easy for people to discover the full offering from the college. We have worked hard to not only revitalise the site from a UX and design perspective, but also provide easier access to lectures that can have a real impact on viewers. We’re delighted with the result.

Amanda Matthews, Project Manager at Un.titled