Critical objectives of the project included providing The Photographers Gallery with a new base build. This has decoupled them from their previous ticketing and CRM system and offers greater flexibility when using their new ticketing platform.  

Additionally, with Drupal 7 end of life approaching, The Photographers Gallery, now has an up-to-date and far more future-proofed platform on which to build in the form of Drupal 9. 

The Photographers Gallery team wanted to ensure the site continued to generate revenue across their different streams, as well as rightly presenting The Photographers Gallery as the leading centre of photography that it is. 

With these goals front and centre, the Un.titled team completed a full Discovery > Design > Build body of work for The Photographers Gallery. 

We led discovery workshops with people from across the organisation. This included guiding them through new user journeys and requirements, creating new wireframes, updating
designs across the board, and developing the properties of the new Drupal 9 environment. 

Our design work brought the site up to the required specifications with regards to accessibility while remaining within the existing branding for the organisation. It was important for a lot of the existing structure, as well as look and feel of their old Drupal 7 site, to be retained. 

We also re-worked how to present a new curated content section, ‘Photography Culture’. This now allows users to approach content in a number of different ways, enablinsite visitors to delve deeper into the organisation’s industry-leading content while reworking a cleaner page template. This allows users to focus on the long form content and supporting media. 

We also carried out a large content migration of historical events and Photography Culture contentThis has made it much easier for the organisation’s small team to ensure they haven’t lost any key content when transferring platformsand removes the need to have to copy and paste from the old content management system. This has prevented The Photographers Gallery team having to do this manually, saving them countless hours of working time.  

“I am delighted that our team pushed beyond the need to create a new Minimum Viable Product for the new site for The Photographers Gallery,” said Leon Puplett, project manager at Un.titled. “Instead, we’ve created a striking new website, beyond what we had envisaged the new base build may look like at this point, in its first iteration. I’m looking forward to the future of this new site with The Photographers Gallery, which will hopefully see some exciting additions added to this new platform in the coming years.” 

Keep an eye out for an upcoming case study on this project.