All four websites were built on Drupal 8, and whilst each have their own brand, the way branding is applied across the group is very consistent, tying them together.

The websites are integrated with SeatGeek as the box office system which gives Cultural Venues Edinburgh both online ticketing and the physical box office system used in the venues, as well as CRM functionality. That means that the What’s On sections are automatically populated with data from SeatGeek and users are also able to complete the check-out online, directly in the box office system.

With the latter stages of the project taking place during the pandemic whilst the venues were closed, close collaboration with the Cultural Venues Edinburgh team was key to ensure that everything was done at the right time, tying the testing, content load and launch schedule for the websites with the re-opening schedule of the venues post-lockdown.

Working on four different websites also meant addressing different audiences and their needs, which made our data-driven UX workshops a core part of the whole process. We also had to focus on the wider organisational objectives of generating revenue through box office sales and venue hire across the four different venues, and to this end we’ve developed our measurement model which will be used by Cultural Venues Edinburgh to track performance.

We’re excited to continue supporting the arts and cultural landscape in Edinburgh, working closely with the City Council, having delivered six websites in this area so far.

If you have any questions about this project, we’re happy to have a chat. Just say [email protected]