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The Challenge

The JW3 website was no longer fit for purpose and had a range of issues. These included the fact it was not mobile responsive, had low conversion rates due to poor user experience (UX), limited or non-existent SEO, an unacceptably high bounce rate, and a complete lack of data insights.

With JW3’s incredibly diverse offering and ambitious online growth plans, the new website needed a user-led design that delivered an excellent mobile experience, offered clear navigation and search functions, and supported critical user journeys such as ticket purchases.

The multi-faceted nature of JW3's offering and the clunky former site they had meant this project was far from simple - especially when you throw the COVID-19 pandemic into the mix too. However we looked to keep the organisation's priorities at the forefront throughout.

Michael Kent, Project Manager, Un.titled
The old JW3 site

The Solution

Just as there are many strands to the JW3 programme, there were many parts to our solution. The most important of these were:

  • Establishing a defined measurement model (i.e. KPIs as a picture of success) to help JW3 become a data driven organisation.
  • Development of user experience design that is research-led, user focused and digital by design.
  • A rearchitected technical solution, built on the latest version of Drupal with elegant integration with Spektrix ticketing platform.
  • Develop performance dashboards that give a meaningful at-a-glance picture of how, as an organisation, JW3 are performing against agreed KPIs.
  • Introduction of paywall gated content to provide exciting free access to specific events and encourage donations.

Our design team created a really strong visual design, and the JW3 team were really happy with the interpretation of the brand. This came off the back of design research, several UX workshops we led and a number design iterations. In addition to tight integration with Spektrix and inspired by ecommerce UX, our project team also built in wishlist functionality, allowing users to easily tag events that JW3’s audience may want to revisit later.

The new site also acts as a gateway to JW3-TV and JW3’s new resource, JewishOnline. This brings together the widest range of Jewish content in one place for all the needs of JW3’s audience.

"The tight integration between the site and Spektrix, using our Spektrix integration module, pulls in JW3's whole programme - every event and individual performance, dates, times, relevant genres as well as location and pricing info," said Michael Kent, Project Manager, Un.titled. "We interrogate and display ticket availability and we make use of other Spektrix data (seasons and festivals). The project adds to our growing list of Spektrix sites and helps make JW3 events far more discoverable via a set of really powerful event search options."

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic meaning audiences couldn’t physically attend JW3 events, a decision was taken to introduce paywall gated content for three of the organisation’s major events in the summer of 2020. This content was free to view, but required users to sign up in order to do so. This process has gave JW3 an unprecedented ability to capture user information, securing details on an estimated 4,000 new customers. This information can inform pre- and post-event promotional campaigns, providing curated and insightful communication between JW3 and its user base.  

Although the events were free to attend, messaging on the site and the communication strategy placed emphasis on donating to support JW3. This led to a significant spike in people making donations, with JW3 stating they earned more revenue this way than if they had sold out for each of the events with tickets being purchased normally. There has also been really positive engagement with customers, and with the additional customer data secured, this engagement can be continued moving forwards.  


  • Systems Integration
  • UX Design
The full JW3 site
Grab & drag

In keeping with the data-driven process we advocate at Un.titled, we also developed  a powerful measurement model dashboard which JW3's digital team can use to manage and develop the website’s performance on an ongoing basis.

The project started in October 2019, and despite the potential for disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, the site went live, on schedule, in April 2020. The new site has enjoyed consistently high levels of engagement throughout lockdown thanks to both the new site and JW3's innovative online programming during this difficult time.

"The multi-faceted nature of JW3's offering and the clunky former site they had meant this project was far from simple - especially when you throw the COVID-19 pandemic into the mix too," said Michael. "However we looked to keep the organisation's priorities at the forefront throughout, maintain strong communications with the JW3 team, and ultimately deliver a website that reflects the scope of the brilliant work JW3 does."


  • Drupal 8
  • Spektrix

We spent a long time writing a brief on what our website wanted to deliver. Brian and Michael were head and shoulders above in terms of understanding the needs we laid out. The Un.titled team continuously came back to those needs throughout the process.

Zoe Steel, Director of Marketing and Communications, JW3
0% 26% uptick in YoY sales
0% 10% increase in AoV
0% 22.3%% increase in sessions
0% 12.7% increase in new users