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The Challenge

Launchpad was the offering to further evolve the Dynamics 365 Business Central side to the business and move to a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) model, similar to BigCommerce and Shopify. The idea was to enable customers to subscribe to various turnkey packages online without having the need of a live consultant.

The company’s vision comprised three elements: a subscription ecommerce model featuring monthly subscription packages; a content engine to educate and promote the packages; and a contract workflow to handle terms. This meant the site needed to link to some form of contract and automatically populate the accounting system.

“An additional ambition of Launchpad was to improve the user experience of their website, as they felt a strong customer journey was vital to securing more business.”

- Felix Jokonya, Project Manager, Un.titled.Project Manager, Un.titled.

The Solution

Launchpad brought Un.titled into the mix to support and guide the move to a new website and help realise the company’s ambitions.

The user experience aspects of the project included a focus on brand and positioning, digital objectives and KPIs. Gaining a deeper understanding of the audience through data and user research was a big part of this.

A major issue facing Launchpad was the fact the company did not have a content strategy to promote their subscription ecommerce offering and products.

With this in mind, the Un.titled team ran a discovery process that was UX-led and had the customer journey at the core. This supported the creation of a content strategy that fits with Launchpad’s packages and brand.

The discovery process was also key in defining a more detailed project scope. The Un.titled team ran various workshops, covering everything from goals and objectives to user and personas analysis, ecommerce solutions discovery and content modelling.

Our team worked closely with Launchpad to establish and agree on the final specification. This outlined the contract solution, payment gateway and subscriptions platform that would be used.

From here, we went into production, following the specification and visual designs.

The Result

Un.titled has delivered a sleek and user-friendly website that allows customers to sign up for subscription ecommerce directly from the Launchpad website thanks to the established contract workflow.

The new content engine also enables Launchpad to effectively promote its offering and share new content with ease.

The Un.titled UX and design team has also worked their magic on the new Launchpad website with exceptional results. The website doesn’t look like a typical Shopify site, but has a greater focus on enabling a positive customer journey across all touchpoints.


  • Web development
  • UX Design


  • Shopify

For us the challenge was to take what was a typical B2B sales cycle and adapt it to a fully ecommerce experience. Traditionally, it was the salesperson who did the selling and education piece, now we needed the website to do this for us.

Tania Konczynski, Global Marketing Director, Bam Boom Cloud.
0% 281% increase in conversion rate
0% 675% increase in orders
0% 100% increase in return customers
0% 43% increase in AOV