No 1 – Facial Filters

Originally launched by Snapchat, these simple filters have taken the world of social media advertising by storm. According to Sprout Social, there were over 150 million daily Snapchat users in 2016, with network growing fast and the filters becoming a trademark feature.

Customising your own branded filter and allowing the public to play around with it removes the barrier between your business and your audience. It gives potential customers a higher level of involvement and your filter could be snapped through millions of people.

This helps create astonishing brand awareness and the more creative the filter – the more users will start applying it.

Bonus Tip – You don’t have to pay to get creative with facial filters. Instead, why not incorporate them into your organic Social content strategy and create fun Instagram stories and Snapchat moments for your brand?

No 2 – Chat Bots

Customer Service has always been an important part of marketing and one that thousands of businesses across social media can improve. And the rise of chat bots has made this easier than ever before.

They can provide quick answers to thousands of customers. It’s amazingly simple. Facebook provides their own free automated reply system, but with chat bots you can answer frequent questions, re-direct users to the correct place and/or sell a product.

According to Sprout Social, 34.5% of people choose social media for customer care, so it’s no surprise that chat bots are surging in popularity. Most noticeably, these bots have been popping up across support accounts all over Facebook and Twitter.

Bonus Tip – These smart chat bots are a cost-effective solution for managing Customer Service on social media, especially for bigger businesses. Another positive? They can help improve your online reputation by answering myriads of customer enquiries faster which might result in better online reviews.

No 3 – Stories

A great way to engage with your social media followers in the moment, and position your brand more prominently in their feeds, stories originally appeared on Snapchat and were later integrated with Instagram, Facebook and other networks, becoming a mainstream feature these days.

Use them as part of a wider social media content strategy (see bonus tip #1) or as a more engaging advertising option.

Bonus Tip – Make sure to mix and match the content of your stories and combine images with short videos.

No 4 – VR (Virtual Reality)

VR is more than just putting a headset on and going into a world of your own, with this new technology constantly evolving in recent year. You can particularly harness the power of VR by taking your video game to the next level with 360⁰ video which is supported by big social media networks such as YouTube and Facebook. This way, you can produce content where users feel much more involved, engrossed and quite simply – engaged.

And that’s just the beginning. Did you know that, for instance, a brand new social media platform called vTime has been developed just for sharing VR content? With lots of smartphone manufacturers starting to build VR capabilities into their devices, the popularity of VR can only continue to grow, as the technology becomes more accessible to the mass public.

Bonus Tip – Make sure to maximise the reach of your 360⁰ videos on Facebook and YouTube with the help of advertising. If you have the resources to create them in the first place, it’s certainly worth spending a bit more budget when it comes to distribution.

No 5 – Influencers

Whilst social media influencers have been around for a few good years already, they’re still something worth considering as part of your overall social media strategy. Finding and connecting with the right people for your brand can help turn them into brand ambassadors and allow you to reach a highly engaged audience that can be harder to access otherwise.


Depending on your budget, you can strike a deal with some of the big names out there who’ve become proper online celebrities, or spend more time discovering the hidden gems who are just getting started and are at the stage of building their audience.

Bonus Tip – The latter type of influencers is better suited for smaller companies, as they are much less likely to have extravagant fees and more open towards building a mutually beneficial relationship with the help of social media competitions or giveaways.

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