Achieving great value for money

Large corporations once spent millions a year in traditional advertising in the knowledge that about 80% would miss its mark. The 20% that produced results had to deliver sufficient return on investment to justify the expenditure.

In contrast, digital marketing reaches a global audience for a fraction of the cost. It enables direct interaction with audiences, anywhere at any time, through social marketing and personal messaging tools such as chat bots. With help, you can also monitor performance and correlate your digital marketing activities and your sales.

Being customer-centric

As every marketer knows relevance is key to success. Compared to traditional approaches your digital strategy works because it deliver what your customers want. Your customers also have more control over what they see and how they respond.

Using professional expertise, you can make sure you digital marketing is really effective with carefully planned testing and reviews of what works best. You can even observe the results of your campaigns in real time and keep up with your customers’ trends and preferences.

Making the most of micro-moments

Your customers are becoming much less likely to react to advertisements placed in front of them. Increasingly they are making multiple, quick searches every day. The micro-moment is the instant when you can catch a customer’s attention as they make a specific search.

The art of understanding your customer’s behaviour and motivation is becoming increasingly important. It will contribute to dramatically increasing your response and conversion rates.

Planning paid promotions

Work with digital experts and you can achieve exceptional results with carefully planned pay per click (PPC) campaigns alongside your search engine optimisation (SEO) activity.

Paid social is also a growing favourite, with Facebook’s mobile advertising becoming so popular that they are running out of space. In contrast, with Facebook’s recent news feed changes, the organic reach of company pages is dwindling fast.

Delivering valuable content

According to Forbes, 89% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers report they are using content marketing to build their brand and improve customer engagement. The digital world is hungry for compelling content.

Many businesses are now investing in relevant, interesting and engaging content, rather than branded promotions. Video is the fastest growing medium – especially live video. According to Cisco a million minutes of video content will be shared over the internet every second by 2021.

Mastering mobile responsiveness

Over half of internet users now use mobile devices, so your content must not only be attractive, it also has be quick and easy to access and use on smartphones and tablets. With Google rolling out its Mobile-First index this year, high quality mobile experiences are more important than ever.

Your approach to engaging customers online needs to be well designed and technically excellent to provide the quality and speed your customers are looking for.

Challenging your competitors

Even if your market sector currently favours more traditional methods, your digital presence is important. Your digital marketing strategy should ensure that you claim your digital space ahead of your competitors.

Make sure your business is found in online searches and delivers great customer experiences. It will not only give you a competitive advantage, it will deliver excellent returns on your investment.