Use the power of personalisation

Your customers are looking for content based on their personal preferences or location, wherever they are. From subscriptions and visitor data, you know who your customers are, their interests and the types of content they like. However, you need to make sure you use this information to drive engagement and sales and to build loyalty. Make personalisation a key part of your plans to reach and retain customers. It can help you build engagement, brand value and reputation.

Turn data into knowledge

One of the challenges has always been making effective use of the information you collect. The sheer volume of data was a barrier, but with artificial intelligence (AI) you can now use your data with more confidence than ever before.

For example, MailChimp’s application programming interface (API) allows you to associate information about purchases on your Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce site with your MailChimp lists and email marketing campaigns. For tailored messaging you can use pre-built segments such as potential, first-time and lapsed customers or create your own segments based on order types or past purchases for instance.

Be useful

Your customers like personalised information and recommendations that are genuinely useful, but only when they aren’t intrusive. Automation and advanced analytics mean that large-scale personalisation is possible, based on aggregated data as well as personal information.

Even for brand new visitors to your site AI can associate products with similar attributes to their very first selection and continue to refine suggestions, based on the next choices they make. By integrating a module that behaves like a personal shopping assistant such as Nosto or, for example, you can also present relevant products online, send timely emails and make personalised offers and recommendations that will really engage your customers.

Be agile

To achieve really high quality personalisation, an efficient and systematic approach to testing real time information from your customers will allow you to respond rapidly to the most effective approaches. To see what’s possible, take a look at the data driven attribution model in Google Analytics 360 for example. A fast and effective ‘test and learn’ approach can create a culture where insights are linked to outcomes as part of a programme of continuous improvement.

Quality content

There are multiple channels with billions of users, so competition for attention has never been fiercer. Your data and analytics can provide insight into what people want, but you will have to create your quality content using all the best tools at your disposal. To create effective, well-tailored content make sure you use professional designers, writers, animators and videographers. Continually review your messages, tone and calls to action and, above all, be creative.

Relevant search

Over half of all online shoppers will use your ecommerce site’s search function when browsing a website. You can improve the relevance of search results dramatically and increase conversion rates with personalised site search tools. Magento Search Suite, for example, can automatically sort the order of product searches based on the user’s previous search behaviour. You can also offer Amazon-like ‘Customers who viewed this product also viewed …’ responses in real time and complementary products that were also bought with a chosen product.

Fair exchange

Giving your customers choice about the content they receive from you, when and how is good for engagement. When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect this May it will also be essential. Use well-targeted campaigns to gain agreement from your customers to share their data in return for a personalised and rewarding content.

You will be handing over some control of your marketing messages in exchange for the quality of your customer’s experience. However, in return you will build loyalty and gain valuable feedback.

If you are ready to harness the power of personalisation please get in touch to speak with one of our experts.