Perhaps you find yourself relating to one of the following:

  • Declining Offline Sales - Perhaps your business is seeing a decline in offline sales and you need to quickly sell your products or services online
    Re-Platform – You have outgrown your existing solution, find that your current solution has reached the end of the road or you are just fed up of your site being unstable and not fit for purpose
  • Ready to Scale – Perhaps your business is growing rapidly or needs to scale quickly. You know that you are going to need to integrate several systems and extend functionality but you need a firm foundation to be in place first.
  • B2B Growth – Perhaps you’re a B2B or Wholesale Business. Online offers an opportunity to reach a whole new market or streamline your existing customers to engage and buy from you in a much more productive way, 24/7 days a week.

What is Fast Track?

Supported by Shopify and digital marketing experts, Fast Track is designed to get your business trading online quickly and cost effectively. We’ll make sure that you have a hard working, good looking transactional eCommerce solution online in a matter of weeks. Your store will look beautiful and work perfectly. The focus is very much on getting you trading and seeing returns asap. Additional over-complicated functionality can be saved for a later date.

We engage with you in the same way we would for any other project. We want to know your objectives; we want to understand your business and your customers and we certainly want to know what functionality you're going to need both now and longer term and we'll bring years of digital marketing expertise to the table as well.

That way we can make sure we recommend not just the right platform for you but a solution that will stand the test of time as you grow and which is going to give you the greatest commercial growth.

We work with Shopify, BigCommerce and (via our sister company, Williams Commerce), Magento - so we have a huge amount of knowledge and experience to share and on which you can lean.


Shopify is a software as a service (SaaS) platform with upgrades, support and hosting included in their ongoing fees or subscription.

Shopify is a wonderful option for just about any store type and size but depending on where you are as a business, you'll need to consider the various pricing options from the different Shopify plans - Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus (and yes, there’s even a Shopify Lite).

Considerations include where you are in your growth plans (size, scale, locations and channels), how much custom development you want (e.g. to the storefront design and UX, the customer experience, automated workflows and system integrations) and the level of investment you can make.

Wherever you are, we’ll help you make the right choice.

What’s in the Fast Track Shopify Package?

All of our packages include the following:

  • Introduction to Shopify
  • Project Discovery - workshop sessions to document and finalise the scope
  • Review of additional requirements such as data migration and marketing (at discounted rates)
  • Shopify configuration - including search, VAT rules and more
  • Theming – we'll help select a best fit theme (*) and align it to your branding (apply branding and house style, logo(s), colour palette and typography)
  • Support on data import and attribute set up
  • Payments - payment method configuration with Shopify Payments *
  • Delivery – delivery configuration
  • SEO – default SEO configuration support to a detailed Checklist
  • 301 redirects – support to protect rankings and traffic for customer re-platforming
  • eCommerce Google Analytics setup (and GTM integration)
  • Dedicated Project Manager with the delivery team
  • Project Tools – to help keep everything on track, using systems like Jira, Basecamp & Microsoft Teams

What are the offers?

Offer 1 - good for Basic Shopify, Shopify or Advanced Shopify plans

  • Shopify set up - install, config of store
  • Theming - we'll help select a best fit theme (*) and align it to your branding (apply branding and house style, logo(s), colour palette and typography)
  • Delivery, Payment and VAT configuration *
  • Marketing SEO check & 301 redirects as required
  • Project Management, Quality Assurance Testing and Go Live Support



Offer 2 - geared more to Shopify Plus plans

  • Shopify Plus set up - install, config and customisation of Shopify Plus store *
  • Custom Theming - we'll craft a bespoke custom theme, tailored to your specific business and user needs, leveraging UX and accessibility best practice and perfectly aligned to your branding *
  • Delivery, Payment and VAT configuration *
  • Stock and Order ERP integration (XML or API)
  • Marketing SEO check & 301 redirects as required
  • Project Management, Quality Assurance Testing and Go Live Support

From £19,995

Any important notes or caveats to the above?

* Yep, only a few, including a recommendation or two:

  • third party costs not included (payment fees, apps and the like)
  • if you choose to work with an existing theme, we'd strongly recommend selection of a premium (vs free) theme, it'll give more flexibility, better layout, design and UX (across both desktop and mobile experience
  • for Shopify Plus, the exact level of store customisation is tbd as part of the Discovery process but will incorporate such things as automated workflows and personalisation
  • delivery and payment configuration may need suitable apps depending on final project scope
  • we’ll help support you but data migration and import costs are not included, so if you want us to 100% handle data-migration that will be extra

Shopify DIY

We can also provide a lighter touch on your Shopify store. Some clients are more DIY happy than others and want to set up their own store and do much more of the heavy lifting on store configuration.

In these instances, we can help with theme selection and customisation, store customisation (e.g. for timed ticketed events) and system integration. Get in touch if you think you think you fit the DIY bill.