As a festive season of sorts looms into view, a well deserved period of rest awaits while another New Year beckons.

Below is a summary of our operations over the festive period as well as some escalation info.

Our last official working day is Friday 22nd Dec 2023

We return to work on Tuesday 2nd Jan 2024

During the intervening winter break our support team and monitoring services will run as normal.

Out-of-Hours cover will apply and will operate as it does now (i.e. same as it is over a weekend or outside of normal working office hours).

In essence this means if an issue is non-urgent then it will be dealt with from the next normal working period.

For issues that arise during the intervening period use our Jira Helpdesk for support tickets as you would normally.

  • Report all website related issues via the Un.titled Jira Helpdesk as you would normally
  • Make sure to include as much relevant info as possible (e.g. description; URL(s); if relevant, additional contact details; screenshots - the more info the better)
  • If it's a MAJOR issue, report it in Jira, assign it and then call the Un.titled & Williams Commerce out-of-hours hotline on +44 (0)116 326 1116 - OPTION 2
  • When contacting the helpdesk phone number - i.e. in the event of a major issue - please first identify yourself as an Un.titled client and then provide:
  • Details of the emergency (e.g. 'site down')
  • Your contact details
  • And confirm you’ve raised a Jira support ticket with the usual details of the issue (e.g. site URL, screenshots, description) included

We'll review the issue, agree the appropriate next steps and communicate those to you.

Note: as ever, this could include de-escalating the issue, if for example it turns out your site isn't down but it's your local network that's at issue and/ or you need to call a third-party supplier

If leaving a voicemail make sure to leave a meaningful message - including if you can, the Jira or TUTS issue number. We will return the call as soon as the message is picked up.

Major Issues that warrant using the escalation Procedure would include:

  • Crash: Your website being down
  • Critical: A mission critical site feature has stopped working/ functioning correctly

Finally, for now and once again, Seasons Greetings, Winter Wonders, keep safe and stay healthy ... from all @undottitled