“We saw an instant fit with Rob and the WCL and Cloudfy teams, and we’re fortunate to be welcoming their remarkable talents to our group as we broaden and deepen our commerce offering,”


“Our mission is to empower the world’s best brands to supercharge their martech, creating incredible digital experiences that deliver growth and enduring competitive advantage, and WCL’s knowledge and experience in enterprise ecommerce transformation are of immense value to the brands that we work with.” 

This marks a new chapter in our story and is something everybody associated with Un.titled is thrilled to be starting.

"We’re incredibly excited to join the Brandwidth Group,”

“Their goals and ethos are perfectly aligned with ours and the Brandwidth Group model enables us to retain the independent focus that’s helped us create the award-winning commerce experiences that we’re known for.

Now, as part of a much larger global team we can offer complete digital customer experience capabilities to our clients at scale, on a world stage. That’s a compelling vision for our clients and for us, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it."