Benefits of the New AdWords Experience

Even if you were particularly fond of the old experience, the new one brings several benefits you can take advantage of.

According to Google, the new AdWords experience makes it easier to create and improve campaigns based on your business goals, get faster access to the features you use most frequently, and take advantage of new graphs and reporting tools to help gain actionable insights.

That’s the overarching message about the new experience from the horse’s mouth – well, Google’s mouth. But there are a few specifics that jump out.

For example, one new feature is an ‘overview’ page that presents users with curated performance insights. These are generated by Google and cover your accounts, campaigns and ad groups.

Usability has also been enhanced thanks to a new navigation panel. This allows users to zone in one your chosen campaigns with greater ease.

There’s also an audience manager tool that unifies targeting options for the Google Display network, as well as bringing together remarketing lists for Search ads.

It’s also easier to adjust bids to help call extensions show more frequently, showcase shopping ads and experiment with ad variations, and target CPA (cost per acquisition) bidding for ad campaigns.

Furthermore, conversion tracking has been enhanced, so you’re in a better position to see how effective your campaigns are proving.

Exciting New Features

Google is consistently adding to its AdWords offering and in May 2018, five important updates were made.

These included:

  • A new version of AdWords Editor
  • An improved Ad Preview Tool
  • An AdWords add-on for Google Sheets
  • A notes facility that lets you record and share details about how an account is performing more easily

Additionally, since the beginning of 2018, updates to the AdWords experience have included:

  • The introduction of the AdWords app to make on-the-go insight easier to achieve
  • The addition of custom columns at both the keyword and ad levels to boost usability
  • Affiliate location extensions to help identify where products are sold nearby
  • TrueView for action ads makes it easier to stay on top of leads and conversions

And even further back down the line since its introduction in mid-2017, the new AdWords experience has offered:

  • Enhanced CPC bidding
  • Greater insight into keyword quality scores
  • The ability to maximise conversions and automatically set bids


  • Make call bid adjustments
  • Discover how customers are searching for you using the Searches card
  • Demographics functionality within search to gain better customer insight

All these additions offer handy ways to stay on top of your campaigns and ultimately boost your business.


Embrace the New Experience

If you’re not up to speed with how the new experience works and what you will have to deal with from July onwards, the time is now to get yourself acquainted. Alternatively, you can appoint a professional paid search agency like Un.titled to take care of your PPC account for you.

If you want to get more value from your clicks and see the ROAS (return on ad spend) for your AdWords account soar, simply say hello to our team of AdWords-certified experts today.