1 – Sorting Strategy

Being whimsical and random is ok in some areas of life – surrealist art for example. But when it comes to forming a company’s digital strategy, you need solidity and structure.

A strong digital creative agency should make it clear what they can do for you and how they can do it. They should be able to align your goals with their services.

There also needs to be steps taken to understand your brand. What are your strengths? Where could things be improved? This can include customer and competitor analysis for example.

All this amounts to a strategic approach being created and implemented. If a digital agency you are liaising with aren’t committed to taking the steps necessary to get this right, chances are they’re not right for you.

2 – Track Record and Qualifications

What work has the digital agency done before? Are they an established player? Do they have a long list of satisfied clients? Have they dealt with companies of a similar ilk to yours before? These are questions to ask yourself when making a selection. Most agencies will have portfolio sections or case studies. Take the time to look through these in detail.

What kind of success rates have these digital agencies brought about for their clients? Can they back up the superlatives you may see on their website – excellent, great, fantastic – with hard evidence?

Be sure to look at the data and an agency’s track record when making a decision. You want to know you’re in safe hands. Has the agency you’re considering won any awards or received any qualifications that make it obvious they know what they’re talking about?

You want to set your mind at ease. Investing in an agency that isn’t going to meet your requirements is only going to bring headaches.

3 – Mono-talented or Multidisciplinary?

This is all about knowing your own needs. Do you feel like your house is generally in order but require specific services in certain areas? Or are you in need of a host of services from your creative digital agency?

Some agencies are great at doing one thing only. They could be content wizards, or maybe SEO aficionados. If that’s what you need, then there’s no harm discussing your options with them.

However, don’t make the mistake of picking a one trick pony when you really need a jack of all trades. Hiring a multidisciplinary agency can enhance your brand across different areas. Pin down what you need and look to work with an agency capable of meeting as many of these as possible, if not all.

4 – Will they bring you business?

Most companies are looking to use digital agencies to drive more revenue, create more sales leads and build brand visibility. Appearing higher in searches and getting more people to buy from you online is a great combination.

As such, services like SEO, PPC and conversion rate optimisation are a big deal. Finding an agency with specialties and experts in these fields can really start to turn your business around over time.

Decisions, decisions

Whatever you do, don’t rush things. One thing that is key to getting a digital agency decision right is knowing your own business. Whether you need a web design agency or a social media specialist, being fully conscious of and honest about what you need is only going to give you a better idea of who to work with.

Be realistic, be clear and be ready to push yourself forwards, as that’s what getting your creative digital agency decision right can do for your business.

If you’re on the lookout for a multi-disciplinary creative digital agency, why not say hello to the Un.titled team today?