0% 200% Usage increase

Delivered via mobile app as well as online (via the StreetLink website), we initially extended the service to cover Wales in 2016. This extension into Wales included app development, general debugging and a level of refactoring of the underlying platform - built in Drupal.

As coverage, awareness and unfortunately homelessness have increased, so too have the number of reports and referrals: in 2014 there were 11k+ referrals, 2015 saw 15k+ referrals and 2016 saw 32k+ referrals - a 102% increase over 2015 and a 191% increase over 2014. For the first four months of 2017 (Jan > Apr) there were more referrals than for the whole of 2014.

Salesforce Migration and a new UI

In 2017, with the platform migrated to SalesForce we developed a new, user-centred design.

The aim of the new UI was to improve both the usability of the service (for both the website and the mobile app) and to help improve the quality of submitted reports.

Streetlink website on an Apple MacBook

New style guides and user interfaces

A key part of the migration to Salesforce was an improved design and user interface. This meant developing new style guides, design screens and brand assets for use across the mobile app and the fully responsive website.

For both the mobile app and the website we developed new UI style guides and designed multiple screens, covering the key user journeys (e.g. tutorial screens and splash pages as well as the app and website reporting pages). These style guides and screens were then used to develop and build out the new migrated platform.

StreetLink mobile website preview

Un.titled listened, asked questions, made appropriate suggestions, and produced a much improved user experience that has had great positive feedback from our users.

Gareth Thomas, Information Manager, Homeless Link

Email templates and social platform assets

To help ensure a consistent user experience, we also designed new, branded email templates. These are used in the reporting process and for example help keep people who report rough sleepers know they've successfully submitted a report and remind them how important their submission is.

We also designed other brand materials related the new platform - such as banners and profile images for social networks.

Streetlink email templates