Williams Commerce saw an affinity of purpose in fellow travellers Tincan, a web agency founded in 1998 with a long list of hard won successes to its name in the same sector. Joining forces to form part of a larger organisation under the Williams umbrella, in 2018 a new Un.titled was officially born. 

This upgraded Un.titled has moved from strength to strength ever since, multiplying our client roster and growing our list of services to meet new challenges. The Williams Commerce connection has allowed for an expansion into ecommerce website design projects as well as the creation of highly sophisticated digital marketing strategies and analysis tools, further projecting our reach and ensuring that current and future clients get the best on offer. 

Today the Un.titled team is a brilliant mix of producers, designers, developers and marketers. We pride ourselves on putting the user first at every stage of our workflow, from workshopping to post-product launch. 

Our best projects incorporate integrating multiple web services on a unified platform, and our favourite projects make a positive impact on the communities they serve. 

We work in content and ecommerce across multiple sectors including arts cultural, heritage, NfP, fashion and housing: our clients include venues, galleries, theatres, museums, art centres, fashion labels, charities, membership organisations, record labels, high street retail and cinemas. 

Looking for a Shopify agency? We can fit the bill. Need a Drupal agency? Look no further. In the market for a BigCommerce agency? Un.titled can cover that too. We have experience across a variety of specialised areas, so trust us with your upcoming project.  

Whether developing a public archive website that integrates seamlessly with a collection system consisting of 50K+ records, or a progressive initiative that promotes dozens of venues and monuments across an entire city, we are driven by our clients' work and the results we achieve together.

Don’t worry though: we’re still propelled by that authentic DIY spirit. We can just afford better haircuts now.