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The Challenge

The Broadway team were not getting the support they needed from their existing ticketing system and updates to the purchase pathway were taking longer than expected. The solution was to either upgrade or move to a new ticketing system altogether.

"We have provided guidance to the Broadway team for a number of years, and they trust us to direct them towards where they want to be.”

Felix Jokonya, Account Manager, Un.titled
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The Solution

To tackle Broadway’s challenges, we began a Spektrix integration project. 

With the previous ticketing solution, users were unclear as to whether they were still on the Broadway site when purchasing tickets. 

Following our UX audit, we created designs to implement consistent branding  between the Broadway site and Spektrix pages. 



As Spektrix allows for iframes and branding to be styled  with no limitations, iframes can be integrated onto the site and main purchase pathway. This means the user journey does not need to be transferred to another system, creating a more seamless user experience. 

The next phase of our work will be focused on implementing GA4 for Broadway’s Spektrix integration which we will be delivering as part of a bespoke project. 

Data lies at the heart of everything we do and the GA4 integration with Spektrix will provide deeper insights to support the Broadway team’s decision-making. 


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The result

The Spektrix integration has created several benefits. 60% of Broadway’s tickets were initially sold online and 40% offline. 

Since shifting to Spektrix, 80-85% of tickets are now  purchased online, and 15-20% of tickets offline, a 25% increase in online sales. This has reduced phone calls coming into the office and resource required to sell tickets, freeing up time for promotion. 


The Broadway team can now track and record ticket sales in a more simple and effective way, helping the team stay on top of trends and make business decisions.  

As a next stage, the Broadway team are looking to secure memberships and donations through Spektrix. Future work may also include reskinning the purchase pathway to maximise upselling and reviewing options within Spektrix to enhance this.   


We have a great relationship with Broadway and they understand our processes and our ways of working. They trust our judgement and come to us to take things to a new level. It’s rare, but when you have a client that trusts you implicitly, it makes working with them a lot easier.

Felix Jokonya, Account Manager, Un.titled


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0% 25%% Increase in online ticket sales
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