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Among arts and cultural organisations, Tessitura is often cited as the enterprise ticketing system of choice. It’s that and more besides, and we at Un.titled have years of experience working with it. What is Tessitura? As a unified platform, Tessitura brings visitor, audience, member and donor information together in one place. This allows you to sell tickets, run campaigns, manage your membership and communicate with your audiences all from one platform.

With a global user base, Tessitura is most popular in North America, with notable UK users including The National Theatre, Southbank Centre, The Almeida, Birmingham Hippodrome, Glyndebourne, The Old Vic, The Roundhouse, Live Theatre, Wales Millennium Centre, Young Vic and The Courtauld Institute of Art. TNEW — less of a mouthful than its full name, Tessitura Network Express Web — is Tessitura’s hosted web purchase pathway solution. It includes the best of those all-important web-facing functions, including things like What’s On calendars, seating selection and payment processing.


Features include... ...

Administration and Access

You can automatically import data from Tessitura so there is no data entry duplication. This means you will never need to manually double-enter any event data again. Imports are scheduled at regular intervals and you always have the option to manually run imports if needed. Availability can be automatically updated and pulled through from Tessitura and reflected in your event page’s booking calls to action. This provides users with up-to-date availability across all your events. Tessitura can also be integrated with multiple automated queueing systems. This is very beneficial when it comes to seasonal sales and popular ticket releases.


Tessitura allows for a large degree of customisation on a per-organisation basis. This means you get the fields you need, and then can add the information you require for your events using terminology that is appropriate to you. We often harness this ability to customise fields to ensure accessible performances and events are clearly presented and visible to users. Additionally, we are able to tag and give the user ability to view events in a number of different ways, such as by season or theme. Highly granular permissions also allow for many different admin users to have different access levels. This means marketing and ticketing teams can all have access to just the elements they need.

Content-Rich Event Pages

Responsive, content-rich event pages are a powerful marketing and sales tool, helping to re-enforce marketing content users may have seen earlier in their user journey. These pages also provide opportunities to cross-sell, without users have to go back to the event page on the CMS to learn more. You can link specific events or performances to each other to enable advanced cross-selling and up-selling, complete with donations and memberships where required. You can also separate out educational and ‘auxiliary’ events (e.g. post-event talks) into their own sections. This can be done both for the ease of administration and to deliver enhanced presentation to the user. And what’s more, Tessitura has a super-flexible page building functionality. We are also able to design and style TNEW pages to ensure the complete user journey, from CMS event page through to checkout, is a seamless process for ticket buyers.

Flexible Media uploads

You can add images, multiple galleries and videos to your event pages. You can also introduce reviews, attachments, and even bespoke calls-to-action. It is also possible to automatically crop/resize images to remove the burden of having to manually edit images with third-party software.


What kind of testing do you carry out?

We rigorously load test the entire platform and all integrations end-to-end: not just the website.

How do you stay on top of website performance?

We take ownership with TNEW so you won’t need to add another supplier relationship to your busy schedule. That’s because we work with Tessitura on a regular basis and have a client-confidentiality non-disclosure agreement in place with them. This ensures efficient collaboration and a trust-based relationship.

How much does TNEW cost?

The cost of TNEW depends on the functionality you need from it and the complexity of content delivery to your website. Our sales team is on hand to discuss your options and outline what kind of budget is required depending on your needs.

Will TNEW look exactly like my website does?

Since TNEW runs on proprietary software, there are limitations regarding the extent to which our developers can style it. That said, there is a lot we can do — from applying your brand’s colour scheme to adding a relevant footer — which will help make your audience’s journey from event discovery to payment completion feel as one.

Does TNEW process discounts, like membership benefits and special offers?

TNEW can handle a number of special pricing situations, from discounts to dynamic pricing to different admission and seating structures. We’re confident we can make whatever you need work.

Does TNEW ever go down for maintenance?

Like all web-based services, TNEW does experience downtime due to intermittent routine maintenance. In our experience this has been few and far between, and always with appropriate notice.

Can I switch my existing ticketing provider to TNEW, or do I need a whole new website?

If we are onboarding you as a client for the first time, or perhaps if you’ve been with us for a while and have decided to upgrade to TNEW, you definitely won’t need a new website to handle the TNEW integration. All configuration and testing will happen in the background and cutover to the new service will be effectively instantaneous, providing uninterrupted access to your ticket provider.

Do you offer any discounts for using TNEW instead of any other ticketing platform?

We’re a platform-agnostic company, meaning that while we have a lot of experience with certain platforms, we only favour the one that will work for your audience. As such, we don’t offer any discounts for choosing one service over another.

Is TNEW a CRM as well?

Yes, and by integrating Tessitura with your website, you can now finally merge audience and donor data to give you the fullest picture yet of your revenue. TNEW CRM features include full customer records, and as they are updated in real time, you can always be assured of the latest data. One realised benefit of a single-point CRM is the ability for multiple internal teams to work from the same records, sparking insights and breaking silos.

How well does TNEW work on devices like phones and tablets?

Tessitura is fully optimised for any device, so your audience can buy tickets at home or on the go. Responsive templates mean that the purchase pathway resizes to fit different screens, and a well-designed UI mean that nobody wastes time zooming in on miniature text or jabbing at buttons halfway off-screen.

Does TNEW pass WCAG AA accessibility ratings?

We strongly believe that an ethical web is an accessible web, and we make sure to keep accessibility at the forefront of all of our design and integration projects. As such, we make sure to vet our clients’ design choices and ensure that the WCAG AA minimum is the starting point for everything we do.