0% 25% increase in new website visitors

The Challenge

The Ri has an online audience of 1.2m website visitors, 600k YouTube followers, 100k subscribers and 4.5k members. With an ambition to inspire everyone to think more deeply about science and its place in our lives, the organisation approached Un.titled with a new five-year strategy to expand its reach both…

The Ri needed to update their digital strategy in line with this new five-year strategy and were looking to redevelop their website from the ground up.

They wanted to increase the public’s awareness of The Ri, inspire the range of target audiences to develop a lifelong journey with science, and grow The Ri’s financial capacity to support their core mission.

Amanda Matthews, Project Manager, Un.titled

The Solution

This was a broad project, and the Un.titled team delivered across a number of key areas for The Ri. Over the course of 12 months, Un.titled completed two projects to promote the wonderful spaces The Ri own online and enhance their lead generation. 

One of the projects focused on the main corporate site, which reflects who The Ri is currently — with the scope to grow and develop over the years to come. The organisation is aiming to achieve this by increasing audience engagement and generating more income from ticketed events, donations and sponsorships. 

Our work included stakeholder research, analysis and recommendations. We also developed a ‘State of the Nation’ report and provided input into The Ri’s updated digital strategy. 

We took a data-driven, user-focused approach to the UX design and information architecture side of things, and built a content management system (CMS) and configuration on Drupal. We also carried out a content migration from the legacy CMS system to the Drupal platform for the new website. 

Our experts also made UX recommendations and designs for The Ri’s Salesforce CRM, as well as conducted user testing. 

We harnessed the power of our Measurement Model to deliver ongoing reporting through dedicated Performance Dashboards in Looker Studio.  

We also delivered a cloud-based hosting solution that is scalable on demand. This is particularly important for The Ri’s Christmas Lectures series, which can attract more than 10 times the normal level of traffic during this period. 

The second project centred on a dedicated venue hire site, which allows The Ri’s commercial team to manage and promote their offering directly to specific venue hire audiences. 

The new sites use a combination of Drupal 9 and REACT apps to bring a broad range of events, video, audio and written content to public users and Ri members in a flexible, fast and user-centric way. Along the way, we also helped The Ri integrate their Salesforce CRM via Form Assembly.

The Results

Using our powerful Content Toolkit, The Ri have created a content rich site, with easy-to-use event listings, exceptionally clear user journeys and elegant brand application.  

In the first year since launch, the main corporate site has seen some positive results. New users were up by 25%, and sessions increased by 18%. What’s more, page views were up by 13% and the site’s bounce rate reduced by 42%. 

Additionally, in its first year, the new Venue Hire site has seen a tripling of enquiries versus when it was embedded within the main corporate site. 

0% 25% increase in new users
0% 18% growth in new sessions
0% 13% increase in page views
0% 42% decrease in bounce rate.