From the start, the Un.titled team understood the unique set of challenges that faced us and were entirely sensitive and responsive to those issues.

Holly McGrane, Marketing Manager, RWA

What some of our clients say

We spent a long time writing a brief on what our website wanted to deliver. Brian and Michael were head and shoulders above in terms of understanding the needs we laid out. The Un.titled team continuously came back to those needs throughout the process.

Zoe Steel,
Director of Marketing and Communications, JW3

As a group, we greatly enjoyed the creative process brought to the project by Nick and the Un.titled team. They challenged us to think differently about how customers see us, and the result has been a website that has received a positive response for new and regular users alike!

Phil Jackson,
Theatre Manager, The Minack Theatre

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Features include

Journey mapping

Decisionmaking happens both on- and off-site: not every visitor to an ecommerce website is ready to buy something, for example. By mapping out likely user journeys, we can help you to optimise pre-sale conversion points at different stages in order to increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Website UX audit

To help increase your conversion rates, improve your search rankings and enhance your users’ experience, we can undertake a comprehensive audit of your website and highlight areas that can be improved.


Our experienced team of marketers are on hand to research your sector, evaluate your competitors and highlight notable business trends. They will create a clear marketing strategy for you and your organisation—based on actual business goals, not a random mess of metrics—so that your targets are not only achieved but surpassed.

User Personas

Personas are descriptions of typical visitors to your website. They help to define your understanding of the way people will use your site and how it will need to be structured to meet their needs. We test sites from the perspective of each persona and identify hurdles and difficulties specific to these segments.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the secret to strong UX design?

It's about finding the right combination of effectiveness and simplicity. We want to help users reach their goals in as few steps as possible while at the same time offering powerful reminders to the whole of your offer.

Why does UX matter?

The user experience is not just about what someone does while they're on your site, but about the feeling they get from interacting with you. Are you sending the right trust signals? Potential clients need to feel that they can trust you and your expertise, and stress-testing UX helps capture—and takes a step towards solving—all of the potential pain points along the way.

What kind of thing does UX design testing look at?

We're looking to identify any hiccups or headaches that a user may encounter when using your website. The fewer there are, the better the user experience.

What is a conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of the audience for a sales-based website who make the leap from visitor to paying customer. There are many factors that affect this, from design and copy to selection and price, and identifying and removing these barriers to conversion is a key part of strong UX design.