Why Web Design is So Important

One thing to consider is that it’s not all about sales and products. Creating an effective ecommerce design requires more than flashy low prices and exclamation marks these days. Content marketing is one of the more intricate ways to bring about the desired levels of customer conversion.

With a streamlined web design, you can go some way to advancing your content marketing and attuning as many site visitors as possible to what it is your company is looking to do.

Factors such as getting your UI design right and building in responsive web design qualities adds to the user experience. Include great copy in this mix, and your brand identity is only likely to benefit.

“Give your visitors the best chance of staying on your site by using clear, bold headings and inspirational images,” explains Barrett. “Getting this right is key when it comes to encouraging people to read on, much like the first paragraph of a book.”

This means the development of creative web designs that interest and engage site visitors – whatever their needs – is of vital importance.

Accessible Design

“You always have to design with accessibility in the back of your mind, you have to cater your content for visually impaired users,” says Barrett. “You can achieve this by ensuring your copy is large enough to see. Industry standards are set to a minimum size of 16px but this varies dependant on font choice. Colour choices are equally as important. Light grey font on a white background will not pass any accessibility checkers, but solid black on white will for example. These are important things to consider.”

You should also look to ensure that every element of your page is relevant to your overall aim.

“Irrelevant images to support copy can have a negative impact too,” says Barrett. “You don’t want to have a picture of a PPC advertisement when the article is taking about mailers. This will make you come across as unprofessional. Image quality is also very important – the crisper the picture the better. It’s all about delivering a strong visual impact that supports the great content on your site.”

Content Capital

One thing to remember is that while getting your web design right is crucial, it will be futile if your content marketing copy itself isn’t up to scratch. Time and effort should go into this to bring the full benefits of content marketing to your company.

Make sure relevant keywords are included and that your meta tags are strong, as this will boost your SEO. There are some great ways to write content to support this, so don’t miss out on the chance to increase the relevance of your brand online.

Web design trends frequently change as companies look to bring something different to the plate. But when it comes to content marketing, the rules are straightforward.

Make it easy for your site visitors to read what it is you are writing. Remove obstacles and deliver great content. This will give you the best chance of thriving in today’s digital marketing space.

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