Like a brand-new gallery space, this new website will let visitors immerse themselves in the beauty and history of Edinburgh, no matter where they are in the world. The new website will expose our venues and events to new audiences, and provide a space for people to learn about Edinburgh.

Councillor Donald Wilson, Culture and Communities Convener,

What some of our clients say

We are absolutely delighted with our new website. It truly reflects our brand and showcases all the best aspects of our stunning venue. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Un.titled team, as they were incredibly helpful and supportive. We highly recommend them.

Nadia Hassan,
0% 150% increase in Website Visitors

“The new website is a core element of our strategy to drive additional footfall while strengthening an important commercial revenue stream, all of which is reinvested back into the city’s cultural offering. It is the perfect digital shop window to showcase the rich variety of locations, artworks and curiosities that Museum & Galleries Edinburgh manage and maintain on behalf of its city residents. Together with Un.titled, we have effectively created what will be a 15th venue.”

John Donnelly, Chief Executive, Marketing Edinburgh ,

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Frequently asked questions

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