Far away from the savannahs and wetlands that the egrets and buffaloes occupy, at Un.titled, we see a similar kind of relationship between fashion companies and Shopify. The fashion company is the water buffalo, and Shopify is the egret that helps remove all those annoying pain points, helping it flourish and be the best it can be.

Is that metaphor a little over the top and far reaching? Yep, definitely. But what’s undeniable is the trend for fashion companies to turn to Shopify for their ecommerce platform. To lean on Shopify, just as the water buffalo does with the egret, to help it flourish and be the best it can be.

A buffalo, with white bird perched on its back

Fashion websites – What do they need?

Taking a step back, what do fashion brands want their website and online store to be? To help answer this, we asked our web design and UX experts Darren and Sanjay about what fashion brands are looking to achieve with their sites.

- Form over function - Visually impressive, fashion websites need to be as beautiful and well designed as the products they are selling

- Engaging user experience - Instills trust and confidence in online purchasing

- Inspiration over information - A picture says a thousand words...

It’s drivers such as these that make Shopify such a popular choice as it can easily speak to all these criteria.

When it comes to tailoring inspired fashion ecommerce website designs, they identified the following criteria as essential for companies in the fashion space:

Strong usability and intuitive navigation - Good user-centric navigation, product pages and checkouts provide a richer experience, similar to the experiences in the physical world

- Product heavy - More than any of the above, the products being sold need to be front and centre


Why Shopify?

We’ve been shouting about the advantages and reasons to pick Shopify for ages, but in case you’re not sure, Shopify enables the kind of visually-impressive, easy to use, dynamic websites that most fashion brands crave.

Shopify sites are naturally responsive. So as a fashion brand, you can cater to your site’s visitors regardless of the device they are using. Actually, this is a great feature for brands across all sectors.

There is a stack of themes for companies to pick from to help deliver that desired user experience. And you can take advantage of Shopify’s excellent search and filtering capabilities to make it easy for visitors to navigate the site and find what they’re looking for.

Social channels can be easily integrated with your Shopify site, making it easier for your business to gain traction and exposure via the social media medium.

And Shopify’s app store offers a whole host of opportunities to extend the functionality of your ecommerce store, enabling you to boost engagement and sell products in a more dynamic way. Think outside the box here and you can quickly move ahead of the competition.

What’s more, Shopify can be integrated with a host of other platforms. Find out more here.

Shopify and Un.titled

Shopify and Un.titled

We’re a Shopify Plus Partner. We know how to help you get the most out of the platform and we have years of experience working with clients to get their online store where it needs to be.

Our Shopify agency team can help you set things up - importing product data, pricing and imagery. We can help pick the ideal theme for your brand and offer and work out how best to structure your store and site, specific to your range and offer. Additionally with a strong UX team here at Un.titled, led by Sanjay Katwa, we’ll sit down with you and help define the UX design (user experience design) you need to succeed. It’s an area too often overlooked.

We also offer support and development services, and our digital marketing team is in a great position to help you drive your site forward and reach new audiences once live across a range of services – from PPC and SEO to email marketing and CRO. We can even help you choose the best domain to use.

Shopify and other industries

As well as our fashion and Shopify expertise, the Un.titled team has developed a deep ecommerce business knowledge across a number of other sectors.

For example, we’ve helped the Sir John Soane Museum move its webstore to Shopify, integrated it with the museum’s Drupal-powered website and they’ve seen spectacular results.


With projects spanning across online retail and fashion, B2B trade, wholesale and manufacturing sectors, we have developed strong expertise across a range of industries.

To discuss working with Un.titled and getting your online store where it needs to be, get in touch with our team of Shopify experts. You can also try Shopify free for 14 days today!

Our favourite Shopify fashion stores

As a bit of further reading, here’s a great list of some excellent fashion websites built on the Shopify platform. Take a look:

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