Collections Systems

Managing collections can pose significant challenges. However, there are dedicated collection systems that make can make things easier and more streamlined for staff. 

We highly recommend React.JS for this. It is a development framework with a component-based design and modular fit. From a development perspective, React allows developers to build user interfaces with unique components within the framework. This provides flexible and adaptable options for digital projects.  

From objects to records, paintings and more, arts & culture organisations house thousands of items that must be managed effectively. 

We implemented React to support Contemporary Art Society (CAS) with this aspect of their work. CAS were upgrading their website and wanted to include its full collection of items on the new version. The collection contained 18,000 items which affected the sites speed and responsiveness.

Our developers selected React as its search capabilities break data down into four separate indexes. This allows information to be found and delivered to users with ease giving CAS the perfect solution to manage its collection. 

Another solution we recommend for this space is ArtBinder, a cloud-based solution that is used by thousands of art professionals to help them handle their collection management challenges. 

Collections Systems

Headless Commerce

In the world of web development, headless refers to decoupled architecture. In simple terms, this means the front-end user experience and the back-end of an application (or applications) are separated.   

This allows the front-end and back-end to operate independently, allowing for one to be developed or edited without changes being required to the other. This enhanced flexibility is  especially beneficial to arts & culture organisations with content changing constantly. 

Our team delivered a headless solution for Mall Galleries. As part of a wider website upgrade project, we implemented a new Drupal 10 content management system, along with a headless BigCommerce storefront solution. 

This created an exceptional user experience for visitors thanks to the headless technology underpinning the Mall Galleries online store. Site visitors can engage with the brand and browse Mall Galleries’ collection to find artwork that appeals to them. 

Headless Commerce


Pantheon is a WebOps platform that integrates operations, workflow and governance for websites that run on WordPress, Drupal and Next.js. This helps to simplify development processes through a Git-based workflow, giving developers the opportunity to seamlessly collaborate and manage code versions in an efficient way.  

The platform offers features like one-click deployments and integrated testing environments, which helps to accelerate the development cycle. This ultimately allows development teams in the arts & culture space to release updates more rapidly and with greater confidence. 


Pantheon also has a green ethos to encourage sustainable practice, something high on the agenda for many organisations within the arts & culture sector.  

We have used Pantheon for several clients, including the likes of Gresham College, The Courtauld and the Royal Institution.


Tessitura is an enterprise ticketing system popular within the arts & culture sector.  

This unified platform collates information about site visitors, audiences, members and donors. With this information to hand, arts & culture organisations can sell tickets, manage memberships, run campaigns, and engage with their audience through one single platform. 

Data can be automatically imported to Tessitura, while a large degree of customisation can also be achieved. Website owners can select the fields they need and then add event information using their preferred terminology. With content-rich event pages and flexible media uploads, Tessitura is an excellent ticketing solution with many benefits for arts & culture organisations.  

We integrated Tessitura as part of a new website project with Young Vic. The new website was developed in Drupal 8, and as part of our ambition to deliver a seamless experience for visitors from homepage to checkout, we integrated the new site with Tessitura API and TNEW (Tessitura Network Express Web™). This delivers an intuitive path for visitors looking to buy tickets online for upcoming events at Young Vic.



 Another popular ticketing solution is Spektrix. We have utilised Spektrix across several projects including Minack Theatre, Culture Trust Luton, and Queens Hall. 

This box office and theatre ticketing solution can generate revenue and create a strong CRM data base for organisations to harness. 

Brands can also benefit from the myriad of integrations and web components available. These include donations, memberships, dynamic basket, merchandise, gift vouchers and more.  


Users may also want to take advantage of the paywall content and gated content capabilities, as well as the flexibility to style the Spektrix pathway in their own unique way.  

We worked with JW3 as they adapted their operating model to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. JW3 were running three free events but wanted to keep these behind an interstitial paywall soliciting donations. We added a Spektrix paywall module to make the ticket purchasing process smooth, while also supporting income streams through donations. 

Digital Assest Management Solutions

When it comes to managing digital assets, the use of efficient Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions is vital. 

These solutions store, organise, manage and distribute digital assets, helping to improve organisation levels, enhance collaboration and deliver valuable insights.  

One DAM we highly recommend is Media Valet. This enterprise DAM solution makes it easy to centralise assets and provide team members with immediate access to resources, saving time and removing risk. 

Person typing on a laptop keyboard. The words 'Asset Management' and icons hover above the keyboard.

Find the right solution for you

There are a whole host of technologies, programs and platforms available but now we’ve cut through the noise, we hope you have a better understanding of some of the best for arts & culture. 

Whether your goal is to improve your internal operations, better engage with customers or boost your brand visibility, our team of experts can guide you towards the right solution, support with implementation and share best practice tips to drive online success. 



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